Ever changing waters

Ever changing waters


Manuel spends all his time in his room glued to a computer screen. His father, Marcelo, is a succesful engineer. His mother Cecilia is a photographer and his sister Mariana, a student with a boyfriend. When his parents decide Manuel should accompany his father on a trip and spend time with his grandfather, Abuelo, he goes along under protest. It's winter and their destination is by a lake. Manuel divides his time between bonding with his grandfather and wandering around.


Año: 1998
Duración: 85 minutos
Cast: Lorge Marrale, Marcos Woinski, Noemí Frenkel, Mariano bertolini y Luciana Gonzales Costa
Sonido: Enrique Bellante
Arte: Patricia Pernía
Edición: Nelson Rodríguez
Producción: José Antonio Ciancaglini
Música: Oscar García
Fotografía: Willi Behnisch
Guión y Dirección: Marcos Loayza