About us

It was founded by Marcos Loayza as Iconoscopio SRL in 1993 to take on the shooting of one of the most iconic films in Bolivian cinema, Cuestión de Fe (1995). That would have a wide range of festivals around the world.

Later on, he produced Escrito en el Agua (1997), premiered in Berlin and El Corazón de Jesús (2003). In 2004 the name was changed to Alma Films. It continues with the production of El Estado de las Cosas (2007), Qué culpa tiene el Tomate (2009). Las Bellas Durmientes (2012), Planeta Bolivia (2016), Averno (2018) and finally Utama, a film that is currently in post-production.

With 9 feature films and more than a hundred audiovisual products (documentaries, short films, music videos, and commercials) Alma Films is one of the most important and prolific film production companies in Bolivia.

Its films have participated in festivals such as Berlin, Toulouse, Havana, BAFICI, IFFI Goa, Biarritz, Tokyo, Gramado, Rotterdam, Huelva, Montreal, Valdivia, Cartagena, Malaga and Trieste among others.


Marcos Loayza

(La Paz, 29 de noviembre de 1959) es un director y guionista de cine boliviano. Es considerado como un destacado cineasta latinoamericano, por varios críticos y publicaciones y sus películas han sido consideradas entre las mejores producciones latinas en varias selecciones, publicaciones, muestras y antologías y han sido merecedoras de varios premios y reconocimientos internacionales.

Alejandro Loayza Grisi

Born in La Paz, Bolivia 1985. He enters the world of cinema thanks to still photography from where he jumps to cinematography. Attracted by the stories that can be told through the image, he ventures into script and direction preparing his first feature film; Utama

Santiago Loayza Grisi

Santiago Loayza Grisi born in La Paz, 01-18-1984, studied foreign trade in La Paz, Business Administration in Italy and made a Master in Audiovisual Management in Spain. General Producer at ALMA FILMS Since September 2008. Produced more than 40 audiovisual  products, documentaries, music videos, advertisements and 3 feature films; "The Sleeping Beauties" in 2012, "Averno" in 2018 and "Utama", currently in post production.


Mario Julián Loayza Grisi

Martin Pabon